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New Era of Corruption
Jun 8, 2010 Metal Blade
Deathcore has been done to death.  The majority of bands of this genre mainly focus on how heavy they are, making sure that there are plenty of bass drops and blast beats.  Originality is rare to find in your typical deathcore band.  Whitechapel was one of the pioneers of this now laughable genre, and all of these other bands are trying oh so hard to emulate their sound (Oceano, cough cough).  If you're in a band like Whitechapel, do you try to separate yourself from all of your followers, or do you stick to the sound that made you famous?  They chose to settle somewhere in middle, and they seemed to choose option.   If you were ... (read more)
October, 2010
Whitechapel is one of the biggest acts in the deathcore scene, and with their newest release, A New Era of Corruption, the band is prepared to take over metal entirely.  I caught up with guitarist, Alex Wade while his band was headlining The Corruptour, with Impending Doom, Miss May I, Oceano, and I Declare War.  Check it out…   Tanner Fisher: Ale... (read more)