The Avarice Of Man [Explicit]
The Red Shore
The Avarice Of Man [Explicit]
1,005 Views / Released Oct 26, 2010 Mediaskare Records
The Avarice Of Man [Explicit]
Review by Alex Gilbert - November, 2010

Australia has really been starting to become a mecca for extreme modern metal.  With the likes of The Amenta, Parkway Drive, Truth Corroded, and some others, you can definitely add THE RED SHORE to the list, and the band is definitely the most all out extreme of the bunch.  There is absolutely nothing pretty about this release, pretty, meaning flowers and shit.  Literally, THE RED SHORE does not slow down once throughout The Avarice Of Man, and the star on this album has got to be new drummer Tim Shearman.  He’s on a nonstop marathon of blast beats, machine drum kick assaults, break neck speeds, and some pretty sick drum fills.  The guitars are decent, could be better, but they do the trick, since Shearman shows that he can be inventive for even the simplest of chugs.  Also, enter another new member, Chase Butler, new vocalist for THE RED SHORE, and the man does prove that he can hold his own.

“The Seed Of Annihilation” has got to be THE RED SHORE at their catchiest, and everyone should be able to headbang in unison with the band.  You’ll see that most of their deathcore sound from their first release, Unconsecrated, is almost gone now (thank gosh!), and with the new lineup changes, you can almost look at them as a new band.  Chase Butler instantly urges you to scream along, as you can pretty easily distinguish what he’s saying, and the adrenaline is in the bpm, getting you pumped up for what’s next.  “The Seed Of Annihilation” is a heavy, heavy, song.

Plenty of other songs make The Avarice Of Man the juggernaut it is.  Songs like “All Too Human” and “Of First and Last Thing” show no remorse, and some impressive Beneath The Massacre-esque technicality is matched with brutal low ended guitar tones, and touches of the tritone breakdown.  And man, when they get brutal, some of those riffs and chord selections look to intimidate the listener.  When the more death metal side of THE RED SHORE is let loose, I think it’s safe to say the horns are raised.  They do however sound quite a bit like Through The Eyes Of The Dead, quite a bit like Whitechapel, and have seemed to even borrow some chords from fellow Aussie metal band, The Amenta, but oh well, the music itself is still pretty killer.

The Avarice Of Man does close on a strong note with “The Relapse Of Humanity”, and is quite possibly the best song the band has ever written.  THE RED SHORE shows their new style of extreme with ferocious alternate picking, and pretty good guitar harmonizing.  Again, their sound is reminiscent of Through The Eyes Of The Dead and some of The Black Dahlia Murder this time, but hey, “The Relapse Of Humanity” still demands your complete attention.  Very brutal way to end The Avarice Of Man.

THE RED SHORE is well on their way to being that next big thing, whether you may like it or not.  It’s the type of modern brutality the kids want to hear.  The kids do love them, their music is accessible, but aside from these “scene” facts, they have the technical and progressive chops that build up their songs with much more substance than the average deathcore chugga-chugga-choo-choo song.  While there isn’t the most variety or experimentation on this release, a skullcrushing album of nonstop extreme death metal is a-okay with me.  


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