Genesis to Nemesis
Genesis to Nemesis
646 Views / Released Aug 31, 2010 Prosthetic Records
Genesis to Nemesis
Review by Travis Bain - September, 2010

Infernaeon return with their new release entitled, Genesis To Nemesis, from the swamps of Florida to wreck havoc on the metal landscape. Front man Brian Werner replaced all new band members. However he still calls the band Infernaeon instead of the Brian Werner solo project? But I digress.

The album starts off with a beautiful yet eerie piano piece entitled “Into The N.O.X.” The song foreshadows what is to come from this album. “Legacy Of Kane,” is the antithesis of this album with pounding syncopated rhythms executed by bassist Mike Poggione and drummer Jeramie King and heavy crunch-crunch guitar work by Taylor Nordberg and Steven Harger along with doom-inspired keyboard melody overlays. 

The band has even hailed their metal heroes. Such is the case with the Metallica cover song of “Creeping Death,” featuring guest vocalist Oderus Urungus from Gwar. The keyboard work and cookie monster vocals add another perspective to the timeliness classic metal song.

Cross-pollinating death metal and European black metal fits perfectly. I feel like I’m in the medieval times going into battle. The production is excellent and is evident by the great producer/mixer/mastering engineer Brian Elliot who has worked with such great bands as Dawn Of Azazel and Graves Of Valor.

If you are a black metal and death metal fan, then this album must be a part of your collection and is definitely for you!


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