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Review by Alex Gilbert - August, 2010

Germany’s DEW-SCENTED is a death metal / thrash titan, and their balance between the two fits just right.  Seriously, I feel like I’m back in the late 80s / early 90s when the Earache Records era dominated the underground thrash / death metal scene, but this time with modern production (given it’s 2010 now, ya know).  And in a way, I sort of am.  The band has history, forming in 1992 and releasing 7 full lengths; some of which were released by SPV, and some via Nuclear Blast, so they definitely know their sound extremely well.  They continue to stick to their guns and that’s something I always love to see.  This time, the fine folks at Prosthetic Records have released DEW-SCENTED’s latest album Invocation for the world can hear.  I’m so happy about this because DEW-SCENTED is a consistently great band that is often overlooked.  While their shred factor is obvious, you may be surprised with some twists and turns the band offers on Invocation.


“Arise From Decay” gets DEW-SCENTED off to a fast start with chugging riffs, speedy alternate guitar picking, and double bass drum accents coming down like a hailstorm!  This song is definitely bound to get any long haired kid with a Slayer shirt headbanging in unison.  The tempo change into the verses was a tad unexpected, but I like it.  “Arise From Decay” is truly intense in thrash action, and right away draws the metalhead into DEW-SCENTED’s world.


DEW-SCENTED also shows us their classic death metal sound in “Have No Mercy On Us”.  Sure we’ve heard it before from legends At The Gates or In Flames, but DEW-SCENTED does it right and I’m sure those guys would be proud.  There are some great tempo changes that will catch you off guard a tad, but ultimately DEW-SCENTED is aggressive throughout the tune.  You’d swear DEW-SCENTED even begins to dive into the modern hardcore world at times, and I love the fact that their aggression is well rounded.


Midway through the release DEW-SCENTED starts to take a slower pace which is pretty neat to hear, but a little too much clean guitar takes away from the consistency of Invocation.  When I say a little, it is just a very little, fyi.  I like hearing DEW-SCENTED at their faster pace which fits much more naturally, but the band does prove they know how to groove.  While some of this groove may feel forced, I wish they would have spread it out during the whole album instead of bunching most into one.  Don’t worry though, because DEW-SCENTED gets right back to business. 


“Revel In Contempt” is a beast of it’s own, marching forward with chugging riffs and high volume.  And wow does DEW-SCENTED show you some riff work in this song, and both the rhythm and solo work compliment “Revel In Contempt” as a whole.  Whether they are speeding up in the song, or slowing down to smack down some downtempo insanity, these Germans are unleashing at full force, and while controversial, I’d say Invocation is DEW-SCENTED at their strongest.


I’m excited to see what new tricks DEW-SCENTED will have next time, as I’m equally excited to hear the band keep doing what they’re doing, which I have no doubt in my mind that they will.  People really need to start mentioning DEW-SCENTED when they mention their Hypocrisy, At The Gates, and Morbid Angel. 



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  • 01: Downfall
  • 02: Arise from Decay
  • 03: The Invocation
  • 04: Have No Mercy on Us
  • 05: Artificial Life
  • 06: Condemnation
  • 07: Totem
  • 08: Torn to Shreds
  • 09: Revel in Contempt
  • 10: A Critical Mass
  • 11: Global Hysteria
  • 12: Slaves of Consent