Scouting the Boneyard
Sons Of Azrael
Scouting the Boneyard
816 Views / Released Jan 19, 2010 Metal Blade
Scouting the Boneyard
Review by Alex Gilbert - February, 2010

Finally, a real metal release in 2010!  With all of the commercialized and watered down bullshit of today, Buffalo, NY’s SONS OF AZRAEL stands for the complete opposite.  I’ve been following the band for quite sometime now, ever since they toured with Infernaeon 3 some years ago.  I’ve been blasting songs like “Sweet Blasphemy” at full volume ever since.  Then, SONS OF AZRAEL fell off the radar for quite some time, and I was starting to wonder what happened to them… 


Then out of the blue, SONS OF AZRAEL are back with a new album called Scouting The Boneyard via Ironclad Recordings / Metal Blade.  SONS OF AZRAEL is a mix of black metal, death metal, grind, and shred.  Mostly black metal though, but how SONS OF AZRAEL combines the 4 together into one hell of an extreme attack is pretty breathtaking.  This meaning you’ll be pretty surprised how SONS OF AZRAEL can switch up genres and keep the song flowing heavy as fuck!  “Welcome To The World” welcomes back SONS OF AZRAEL as they walk you through the world with a god that doesn’t care.  What a powerful return for SONS OF AZRAEL, as they come hard with the blasphemous stomp, and even have a great shred section toward the closing!  Songs such as the title track “Scouting The Boneyard” and the album closer “Frozen In Time” unleash a whirlwind of fury towards this fucked up world, and vocalist Joel Siracuse’s dry rasps are very distinguishable, and also very unique to hear in a metal release like this.  “Touched By God” is my favorite song on Scouting The Boneyard.  The song is pretty much about priests touching little boys, and how religion isn’t as innocent as people “believe”. 


One thing that I’ve read in other reviews and must agree about a little bit is the lyrical content.  It really takes away how cold, grim, and evil the music could be.  I still do respect what SONS OF AZRAEL is doing, don’t get me wrong.  Other than this minor detail, Scouting The Boneyard is a release for true metalheads, and a release you need to check out now!


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