1,628 Views / Released Sep 29, 2009 Koch Records
Review by Alex Gilbert - December, 2009

HATEBREED is back at full force with their latest self-titled release, which sees the band doing what they do best: making an album full of fist pumping anthems from start to finish, while giving the honest and sincere message to keep your head up.  HATEBREED is still one of the most brutal, honest, and authentic bands out there and they’ve got plenty to say on their latest self titled release. 


The fast fist pumper of “Between Hell And A Heartbeat” perfectly showcases the band’s East Coast tuned down hardcore, while also letting their metal influences shine.  The verses gallop furiously, letting out a ton of shred.  New (and former) guitarist Wayne Lozniak unleashes some quick leads on this track, and if you ask me, “Between Hell And A Heartbeat” is one hell of a song to get the adrenaline flowing.  Fans of Satisfaction Is The Death Of Desire will not be disappointed with this album either.  “Everyone Bleeds Now” gets right back to that classic HATEBREED that we all love.  With Jamey Jasta’s signature vocal authority beginning the ruckus and the simple yet very effective bonecrushing guitar riffs are bound to get those huge circle pits going crazy.  Jasta even shows some of his clean singing abilities in songs like “Every Lasting Scar” and “No Halos For The Heartless”.  He pulls this off well I must say, because the integrity of the sound is still there.  All in all HATEBREED’s latest is mandatory for all HATEBREED fans, and mandatory for those who follow the underground movements, and have a keen liking for heavy music in general.        


I’m also going to take this opportunity to openly debate (leave a comment!) any and all of you who think HATEBREED has sold out.  Whether it was signing to a bigger label, Jamey hosting Headbanger’s Ball, or whatever else, the band’s MUSIC hasn’t changed one bit.  HATEBREED is still sticking to their guns, sticking it to the man, and as far as I’m concerned still creating some of the rawest, heaviest, and meaningful hardcore out there!  So they have found ways to channel their music to bigger outlets while keeping their signature sound and ethics.  I say, “good for them!”  On another note, HATEBREED has created one of the best albums of 2009, hands down.   


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  • 01: Become the Fuse
  • 02: Not My Master
  • 03: Between Hell and a Heartbeat
  • 04: In Ashes They Shall Reap
  • 05: Hands of a Dying Man
  • 06: Everyone Bleeds Now
  • 07: No Halos for the Heartless
  • 08: Through the Thorns
  • 09: Every Lasting Scar
  • 10: As Damaged as Me
  • 11: Words Became Untruth
  • 12: Undiminished
  • 13: Merciless Tide
  • 14: Pollution of the Soul
  • 15: Escape [Diehard Edit] [*]