Descend into Depravity
Dying Fetus
Descend into Depravity
907 Views / Released Sep 15, 2009 Relapse
Descend into Depravity
Review by Alex Gilbert - November, 2009

DYING FETUS and their latest Relapse Records release Descend Into Depravity is pure technical death metal genius!  The band has truly evolved this time around by improving their technicality, song writing, and execution.  Descend Into Depravity is filled with pummeling arrangements, monstrous riffs, and proves itself to be an all out death metal machine!

Opening up with “Your Treachery Will Die With You”, DYING FETUS’s signature brutality begins its attack.  With such a complex yet straight to your face approach, DYING FETUS unleashes all hell with hyperactive guitar trills, stunning sweeps, insane drum blasts, and some straight up brutal death metal the way it was meant to be played.  Moving on, “Conceived Into Enslavement” starts off at super sonic speed, unleashing complex and torturous bursts of brutality.  Their frantic fretboard work is absolutely amazing, and Trey William’s drumming compliments the music perfectly.  The verses slay the listener, and a strong sense of traditional death metal takes place – yup, these guys are experts in the field of metal.  You’ve got to love the dynamics in this song, and “Conceived Into Enslavement” shows the beast in DYING FETUS attacking at all angles.  Descend Into Depravity closes with “Ethos Of Coercion”, and the technical death metal supremacy of DYING FETUS continues to give its all.  The intro riff unleashes a ton of power with its pounding brutality, and the deep guttural growls of John Gallagher add even more force to the mix.  The tempo shifts are excellent, and DYING FETUS’s mastered sound is top notch.  Those monstrous chugs key the last bit of aggression, and leave the listener hungry for more…

Descend Into Depravity is definitely one of the year’s best releases.  While the band continues to take things to the next level, DYING FETUS is also at their most memorable in musicianship.  With this much credibility, consistency, and undeniable power, DYING FETUS has made their mark as icons in death metal culture.


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