The Used
650 Views / Released Aug 31, 2009 Reprise Records
Review by Natalie Perez - October, 2009

When it comes to the guys in The Used they've managed to accomplish quite a bit of achievements since they formation in 2001 and are clearly proud of themselves. Leading up to their fourth LP to date entitled “Artwork” consisting of mere 11-tracks that are suitable for any listener to get sucked into.

For example for the classic fans of The Used a wide range of musical aspects are showcased upon this release, like “Blood On My Hands,” and “The Best Of Me,” promise the more aggressive side effects having its screaming tactics displays with out-breaking guitar solos thrown in between while the more lighter effects of "In Love and Death" (2004) rotates back in with its instant hook-ins with "Watered Down" and power ballad "Kissing You Goodbye."

There is also plenty of resemblances off "Lies for the Liars" (2007) as well taking experimentations in such songs as "Empty With You and "Come Undone." Though these songs take in the influence that their past albums once had - making these sound merely rehashes of those older releases. The only big factor found upon "Artwork" is the maturity, found within the writing is very clear and self-spoken it redefines the emotion upon the songs themselves.

It will be difficult for most fans preferably the hardcore set to deal with the major disappointments that this album brought on, but The Used have taken their best elements and tossed it altogether by combining their older elements of their previous releases, reassuring that this is one of their most strongest albums of their career.


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  • 01: Blood on my Hands
  • 02: Empty With You
  • 03: Born to Quit
  • 04: Kissing You Goodbye
  • 05: Sold My Soul
  • 06: Watered Down
  • 07: On the Cross
  • 08: Come Undone
  • 09: Meant to Die
  • 10: The Best of Me
  • 11: Men Are All the Same
  • 01: DVD containing behind the scenes, making of the album and exclusive interviews.