Massive AggressiveMassive Aggressive
Municipal Waste
Massive Aggressive
598 Views / Released Aug 25, 2009 Earache Records
Massive Aggressive
Review by Natalie Perez - October, 2009

Time to take out the trash! Is all you need to do when listening to Municipal Waste’s fourth LP entitled ‘Massive Aggressive’ showcasing what this band is capable of from beginning to end? ‘Massive Aggressive’ has taken them to a whole another level. Capturing all the right moves and sounds hitting their proper places makes this album that much energetic. Municipal Waste’s style remains the same but brings out a more mature attitude adjustment having the vocals sounding a lot clearer and has that live vibe echoing throughout the entire album.

While the instrumental sides takes matters into their own hands and breaks the entire sound barrier altogether, the out-standing riffs with fast pacing drum antics to keep it all in motion blends the music to combine a source you’ll always be banging along too. The production, artwork, and lyrics take the album up a notch making the album a whole. Artwork being crazy but has metal written all over it and production is crisp and clear allowing you to listen in to every music aspect possible with no drag whatsoever. Lyrical speaking the lyrics are catchy and beat the living crap out of you as your bang your head to the beat of the music singing right along. Overall Municipal Waste has stepped up a lot of levels on creating this album and it is one you’ll be talking about for the rest of the year.


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Massive Aggressive
  • 01: Masked by Delerium
  • 02: Mech-Cannibal
  • 03: Divine Blasphemer
  • 04: Massive Aggressive
  • 05: Relentless Threat
  • 06: The Wrath of the Severed Head
  • 07: Upside Down Church
  • 08: Shredded Offering
  • 09: Wolves of Chernobyl
  • 10: Media Skeptic
  • 11: Horny for Blood
  • 12: Wrong Answer
  • 13: Acid Sentence