Lust in SpaceLust in Space
Lust in Space
705 Views / Released Aug 18, 2009 Metal Blade Records
Lust in Space
Review by Natalie Perez - October, 2009

‘Lust in Space’ - doesn't this title remind you of ‘Lost in Space’? Same format used except the "L" words are of course changed. Any who, heavy metallers Gwar plan on releasing their eleventh LP ‘Lust in Space’ consisting of 12-tracks of comedic proportions. It opens up with the title track which instantly draws you into Gwar’s atmosphere taking you through the amazing galaxies, astounding planets, and then some, as the lyrics slither their way in and out of the music; the lyrics are funny at certain aspects and then of course get down to the serious matters rotating themselves in a more heavier manner. After a handful of the beginning media, you get tossed with ‘Lords and Masters’ being the mid-way piece that sums up the beginning's share and throws it all in the trash. This upbeat and rather catchy tune is fast and intense for the most part but lacks itself on certain spots. Instrumental aspects are heavy then drown away, not being so much affective. As the album rounds itself off drawing to a closing point, you pretty much get what you got at the start: An adrenaline rush of heaviness that gets you in tone with the whole atmosphere in play, but then slowly fades away turning out to be an essence of nothing but the same old routine. Gwar fans will find this a likeable listen, as for the other listener’s out there, you decide.


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Lust in Space
  • 01: Lust in Space
  • 02: Let Us Slay
  • 03: Damnation Under God
  • 04: The Uberklaw
  • 05: Lords and Masters
  • 06: Metal Metal Land
  • 07: The Price of Peace
  • 08: Where Is Zog?
  • 09: Make a Child Cry
  • 10: Release the Flies
  • 11: Parting Shot