Rusted Eyes AwakeRusted Eyes Awake
Landmine Marathon
Rusted Eyes Awake
594 Views / Released Aug 18, 2009 Prosthetic Records
Rusted Eyes Awake
Review by Alex Gilbert - October, 2009

Phoenix death/grind monsters LANDMINE MARATHON are one of those bands that many can draw comparisons to legends like Napalm Death, Carcass, and Terrorizer, and I say that in all honesty.  And on top of that, the band really helps me restore faith into the respective genres – yup, metal is still alive.  LANDMINE MARATHON is a beast unleashing sounds of early grind, punk, and death metal, and they do it so damn well!  Rusted Eyes Awake is filled with beastly guitar tones, riffs from down below, loud drum beats, Grace Perry’s soaring and guttural rasps, and an all around respectable attack.

Looking into the Prosthetic Records reissue of Rusted Eyes Awake, the release is explosive as can be.  The band will get you running around like perhaps, an actual “landmine marathon”.  Songs such as “Red Days” show LANDMINE MARATHON’s ability to stop and go – take note of the blast beat patterns.  The guitar tones are massive as well, and it really feels like the roots of grind and death metal are back in place.  Plus, there is still room to shred, and the guitar solo’s placement in the closing of “Red Eyes” makes the song go out with a bang.  “Skin From Skull” is another fine example of the band’s true classic death metal approach, and a monster of its own!  The guitar riffs display great power with a ton of catch, even giving a Slayer-like vibe, and upon listening to “Skin From Skull”, you can just say, “ahhh, that’s metal”.  Oh yeah, baby, great song!! 

That’s one thing I like about LANDMINE MARATHON.  They are straight up, no bullshit, no pauses, just metal.  The band just keep going.  And if this isn’t enough, the band is working on their new album Sovereign Descent, which is said to be LANDMINE MARATHON’s strongest material to date both musically and lyrically.  And for even more of your LANDMINE MARATHON fill, check out their limited edition split with The Funeral Pyre!  LANDMINE MARATHON sure is consistent, and is going to be making some big time impressions around the underground metal scene.


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Rusted Eyes Awake
  • 01: Bile Towers
  • 02: Certain Death
  • 03: Bled to Oblivion
  • 04: Xenocide
  • 05: Heroin Swine
  • 06: Skin from Skull
  • 07: Red Days
  • 08: Rusted Eyes Awake