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Review by Alex Gilbert - October, 2009

Chugga Chugga choo choo, hop on the EMMURE train, bro!  Well, the band’s latest Victory Records release, Felony, is out and about, but nothing is special about it.  Felony is filled with generic and overused riffs, way too many chugs, and lyrics any dumb tough guy could write.  But if EMMURE is doing one thing right, they’ve got one hell of a fan base.  The kids (hipsters) love EMMURE, and with the smart marketing and imagery of Felony, the release has gone onto selling almost 12,000 copies in the first 2 weeks, and still rising rapidly.  Those are great numbers for a metal release, by the way.  See, we all know by now that music doesn’t sell anymore, it’s a lifestyle that sells, and the EMMURE guys know this.  The tough guy image is working, and if you ask me, they can get pretty tough.  Way to stick to what you’re doing, I guess.

So Victory Records labels the band as the heaviest band ever.  Well, they are pretty fucking heavy if you look into all the chugs, the br00tality, and vocalist Frankie (Palmeri’s) delivery.  On a brighter note, musically, EMMURE gives better accents, and a rawer and more straight forward approach than they have before.  And that’s what they do best.  “Bars In Astoria” gives a great example of this, and is bound to get violent pits all around the world.  The band is a touring machine, and their hype continues to stay big!  Cheers to them for getting around so much.  Lyrically though, EMMURE has gone from stupid to even stupider.  The sample of the girl screaming in “Sunday Bacon” isn’t intimidating at all – it’s just really stupid.  And the overuse of chants and now even some nu metal driven vocals really sucks.  I mean honestly, mix 2 of the worst genres together (deathcore and nu metal), and it’s not going to come out good.  Like they say you can’t polish a turd, EMMURE can’t polish their sound, at least in the way they tried to on Felony.  Some of their lyrics have some catchy and sing-a-long moments (listen to “First Impressions” – that one’s a beast).  “R2 Deepthroat” is a diss song to The Acacia Strain, the band whom EMMURE steals riffs from.  The song is filled with *gasp* breakdowns, and *OMG gasp* more breakdowns.  The lyrical delivery is juvenile but hilarious, with Frankie (Palmeri) spitting, “The next time you see her, ask your girl what my dick tastes like!”  Well, I should thank EMMURE for a good laugh.  Even funnier, turns out Vincent (Bennett of The Acacia Strain) and Frankie got into a bloody fist fight at an EMMURE headlining show in NY. 

What I do like about EMMURE is that they don’t give a fuck, and they’ll say and do what they please.  The title track “Felony” is a straight brutal banger, energetic, a fighting anthem, and I guess in the end at times, I do give EMMURE some respect.  Call it hardcore attitude or not, and despite all the hate on the band, they seem to cope with it well, and continue to get bigger and bigger (bigger than all you shit talkers).  Maybe next time they’ll expand their sound in other ways while maintaining that heavy as fuck sound, but regardless, EMMURE will remain one of the hottest bands on the scene, and their future is going to be huge.


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  • 01: Sunday Bacon
  • 02: I Thought You Met Telly and Turned Me into Casper
  • 03: I<3 EC2
  • 04: Felony
  • 05: You Sunk My Battleship
  • 06: The Philosophy of Time Travel
  • 07: First Impressions
  • 08: R2deepthroat
  • 09: Bars in Astoria
  • 10: A Lesson from Nichole
  • 11: Don't Be One
  • 12: Immaculate Misconception
November, 2009
Interview with vocalist Frankie Palmeri. Now that the summer has drawn itself to a close and its winter time, how was it to be a part of the Thrash and Burn tour? It felt like one of the strongest tours weve ever been on. What is your main goal you wish to accomplish with Emmure? Hurt people. Let's talk about 'Felony' What are your thoughts on the album? ... (read more)