Don't Forget Your Roots
Don't Forget Your Roots
842 Views / Released Nov 21, 2011 Bridge Nine Records
Don't Forget Your Roots
Review by Alex Gilbert - December, 2011

Hands down, one of my favorite bands of ALL FUCKING TIME is H20.  In my eyes, they are the definition of music with a message, and how music can be your best friend who’s always there for you in either good or bad times.  After hearing their classic Nothing To Prove album, it was love at first sight.  These guys knew how to craft catchy, energetic, and meaningful songs, and it all came so naturally.  After that monumental moment in my life first hearing Nothing To Prove, I knew H20 was going to be one of those bands I had to get my hands on anything and everything H20, and I continue to do so.  Easily one of the defining bands of the melodic hardcore genre, and Nothing To Prove I see as the staple album. 

Lucky for me, our friends at Bridge Nine have just released the new H20 album called Don’t Forget Your Roots.  The title is self-explanatory - the track list below is comprised of bands that have influenced H20.  Each track sounds good, and maintains the same level of authenticity for the most part that you’d want to hear out of these specific covers.  So many bands cover songs now-a-days, but I’ll say that H20 and Don’t Forget Your Roots is one of the best cover albums I’ve ever heard.  Mainly I think it’s because H20 is capable of doing anything!

The whole album is great, but I will pick a few covers that really stuck out to me, and leave you as the listener to try out the rest.  First off, with myself being a pretty big Gorilla Biscuits lover, H20’s cover of “Cats And Dogs” immediately drew me in.  Easily one of the faster selections on this release, and I’m glad they picked this groundbreaking Vegan anthem to cover.  I’m not a Vegan by any means, but I listen to good music like H20 and the Gorilla Buscuits!  Another immediate-must-listen-to-song for me was their cover of “Attitude” by the Bad Brains.  I can’t say it’s as good as the original, but I can say H20 does it damn good.  That self-titled Bad Brains album could arguably be the best hardcore/punk album of all time, and I’m glad H20 picked one of my favorite songs from that release.  Also, I mustn’t leave out their cover of “Journey To The End Of The East Bay” by Rancid.  H20’s bassist does a great job at replicating Matt Freeman’s (of Rancid) bass playing, but if there’s one thing lacking in this cover, the vocals don’t seem to quite meet with the distinct vocal delivery of Rancid’s Tim Armstrong.  

I could go on and on about all of these covers, but I’ not going to be a spoiler like that.  H20 is such an influential band for all underground bands alike (from Bad Religion to Lamb Of God, Hatebreed to New Found Glory), and I think it’s pretty cool to see the guys tip their hats to some of their main influences by releasing this wonderful cover album Don’t Forget Your Roots.  Please do yourself a favor and buy this album, and make sure that whatever situation you’re in whether it be music, sports, or whatever, Don’t Forget Your Roots!  


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April, 2012
If you are a fan of melodic hardcore, or a fan of underground music in general (by means of punk, hardcore, metal, etc.) there's a good chance you know H20.  These guys are the definition of “music with a message” to me, and aside from their classic back catalog, these guys continue to get stronger overtime.  I got the chance to speak to H20 bassist Adam Blake, who real... (read more)