Awaken to the Suffering
Awaken to the Suffering
1,631 Views / Released Sep 13, 2011 Victory Records
Awaken to the Suffering
Review by Alex Gilbert - December, 2011

PATHOLOGY should have made an EP.  Their latest release Awaken To The Suffering still sounds like PATHOLOGY, but each song sounds pretty much the same.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but my interest level went from high to low fairly quickly with this one because this is a case where variation is much needed.  PATHOLOGY’s last album Legacy of The Ancients was good, but after a few songs in of Awaken To The Suffering, I’ll simply put it - it just got boring.  There is just way to many filler songs vs. the moments that I really dug on Awaken To The Suffering.  For the most part, the album does stick to the code of brutal death metal, but sadly takes on a bit of deathcore which is not exactly the style I wanted to see PATHOLOGY take on.   

Awaken To The Suffering opens up with “Dissected By Righteousness” which is a strong opener for the album.  Seriously low ended guitar riffs, brutal chugging, constant kick and snare from drummer extraordinaire Dave Astor, and some super deep gutteral brees from their new vocalist Jonathan Huber (ex- I Declare War) make up this song.  I’ve got to say that Huber [Jonathan] has quite the gnarly gutturals, no lie.  The man is high off brutality!  Guitarists Tim Tiszczenko and Kevin Schwartz do a great job balancing the brutality with some great layers, good guitar solos, and enough melody to keep this song from giving a one dimensional feel.  

I started to get sleepy shortly after “Dissected By Righteousness” played through, but “Media Consumption” caught me off guard.  Especially once 1:08 clocked in, the volumes peaked and a good guitar solo came to my ears.  My attention reverted back to PATHOLOGY.  The band does a good job of closing out “Media Consumption” adding some brutal breakdowns after all the shred, and I do recommend you checking out this song.  Easily the best song off of Awaken To The SufferingPATHOLOGY has an accompanying music video to “Media Consumption” that is pretty fucking sweet:

A few other songs that did stick out amongst the others were “Society’s Desolation” and “A Perverse Existence”.  These are some of the heaviest PATHOLOGY songs I’ve heard yet, and I do mean it because PATHOLOGY has always been a pretty heavy band whether you like them or not.  The stop and go antics in the intro of “Society’s Desolation” kicks in strong, and dealing with all of the monster chugs, pig squeals, and crushing breakdowns, “Society’s Desolation” is quite the brutal offering!  “A Perverse Existence” blazes a fierce path with nonstop brutal death metal via crushing riffs, manic blast beats, and a thumping bass with enough oooomph and aggression to make Brock Lesnar flinch.  PATHOLOGY is nothing short of absolutely monstrous. 

Again, if they made this a 4 or 5 song EP, I would have liked Awaken To The Suffering a lot more, but there is just not enough excitement to keep my interest for the whole release.  Don’t get me wrong, the riffs are alright (some of which are pretty killer!) and the band is obviously talented, but they are just so repetitive that not much stuck out as memorable to me.  I heard the band is great live, and I still have yet to see them, but for those who’ve only heard PATHOLOGY on record, you may or may not like this release.  Hopefully PATHOLOGY can prove us wrong next time.


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