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Parkway Drive
KillerTours Interview
Feb, 2011 / 1,605 Views
Parkway Drive
Interview by Matt Haines - February, 2011

You can’t talk to any fan in the scene without having a mutual liking for Parkway Drive. They are one of the driving forces behind the current metal scene by constantly pushing the limits of music to the farthest boundaries possible. I had a chance to do an interview with front man Winston McCall and asked him a few questions about their summer plans, a day in the life of Parkway Drive and even his take on the current state of the music industry. Sit back, relax and read on mate...

You guys are constantly busy whether it’s recording, touring, or doing giving back to fans. What is a typical day in the life in Parkway Drive?

I can only speak for me, but here's a day in the life of Winston. Wake up at 6am to let the dog out. Check the wind and swell before the sun gets up. If the surf is good the day is spent in the surf. If not I will sleep until I cant anymore. I love sleep. If there was a competition for sleep i would be an olympian. Once awake I eat, walk the dog, go to the beach and swim, take care of the band stuff i have to do, have lunch with my girlfriend, go for a skate, if the surf is small go for a malibu with my mate Kevin and basically have fun.  Try and have dinner cooked for my girlfriend by the time she is home, then we hang out and swim in the pool, but as i said earlier, if the surf is good, nothing gets done, i just surf. Life is good.

Deep Blue was an album that every fan could enjoy and related too. How was the recording process when you were writing that album?

The writing and recording both went really smooth. We wanted to write an album that followed a flow so everything worked together in the album, not just within each individual song, so we focused on that aspect a lot. Once we decided that was the way we were going to work it all just came together quiet smoothly. Once we hit the studio we talked to Joe and explained how we'd written the album and what we were trying to achieve and he was down with it, so we set about tracking. It all went really well, no real bumps in the road. I think because we had such a focus in writting the  record, once we hit the studio we knew what we wanted and just had to put it together, and thanks to Joes skills we made it happen.

How has your music progressed and matured since your early days of Killing With A Smile?

It has basically changed as we have changed as people. Back then KWAS was the best we could do, and everything we wanted to do.  Every album or recording we have done since has fit the same profile. The way this band develops I think is based more on personal development and taste as apposed to actually say "ok we did this last time and people liked it, lets do this again and try this other thing we haven't done so we can progress". It's more just, hey we like the sound of this at time in our lives. The sound always relates to the skills we do or do not possess, so from KWAS to DB I think there has been a lot that has changed and a lot that has stayed simliar with the music, which i think reflects us to a tee. Its still heavy, it still has fast parts, its still angry, it's just changed a little and is written with a lot more though involved. wow that sounded pretentious  

Why was  “Do What You Want” from Bad Religion chosen to be covered on the split with 50 Lions, No Apologies and Blkout?

Because it's fucking great!!! It's pretty much the best BR song out there. I used to listen to it before every surf i went for to get siked. It fits us a band really well, and to be honest we've been talking about a BR cover for about 4 years now, we just never get around to working it out, so this release kind of forced it on us, for the better, and i'm stoked we did it. 

Would you guys consider yourselves to be more prevalent in the Australia hardcore/metal scene or in the U.S.?

Australia for sure, but that's our home. We love touring the U.S. and kids have supported us so much it's insane, but I think to understand what's going on in Australia at our shows you have to actually see it for yourself. It's mental and to be honest i doubt anything will ever top shows at home, it's pretty much impossible.

You guys are booked solid most of summer for touring, are there any big summer plans that we don’t know about yet?

Not really, maybe some stuff that hasn't been announced, but we're really just going about business as usual, trying to be everywhere all the time. We've started writing again so hopefully we'll be put out another release in the future, but for the time being we are loving playing the DB stuff where ever we can.

What would be your "Killer Tour" lineup? 

Bad Religion, The Gaslight Anthem, Trapped Under Ice, The Warriors, 50 Lions.

What’s your opinion on the state of the music industry as you see it today?

Interesting. A lot is changing around us, and it's weird to be a part of it. You hear some great things and some bad things, labels taking change with open arms and doing good, and old dinosaurs trying to grab as much cash from their bands as they sink in the tar. I think Bob Dylan said it best, "the times they are a changing".

Thanks Winston!


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