August Burns Red
August Burns Red
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Apr, 2010 / 2,929 Views
August Burns Red
Interview by Tanner Fisher - April, 2010

August Burns Red have become the masters of metalcore, and they’ve just gotten started.  With an extensive touring schedule and an excellent new album, they are ready to take on the world.  I sat down with axeman Brent Rambler, and we talked about tunes, sports, and future plans.

Tanner Fisher:  Brent, it’s good to see you.  How’s the tour been going so far?

BR:  It’s great. Every night is sold out, and I think it’s going to be sold out for another week and a half still.  It’s awesome…it’s better than anything we could have expected.

TF:  I mean it doesn’t hurt the tour’s success that there are three huge bands on it [A Day to Remember and Silverstein are also on the tour].  It must seem a little weird to be supporting rather than headlining.

BR:  Actually, it’s been a little while since we were headlining.  We did support with Lamb of God in Europe, and prior to that, we supported UnderOath.  Before that we headlined a lot.  After this, we will be headlining in the fall and the spring, so our next support tour won’t be for a while. 

TF:  At this stage in your career, you’ve toured around the world.   What would say is your favorite place to play, globally and in the U.S. 

BR:  Well we love touring the U.S.  It’s so easy, and it feels like nothing, comparatively.  I think my favorite place to play outside of American would be Australia.  It’s really awesome.  In the U.S., I think our favorite place to play is…I don’t know; it’s hard to say.  We just did two shows in New York City, and I had a lot of fun there, but the Boston area is sweet too.

TF:  What country has the weirdest food?

BR:  That’s a hard question.  Portugal actually has really weird food.  It was good once you ate it, but you had to be able to stomach up, and put it in your mouth. 

TF:  What country would say have the absolute craziest fans?

BR:  Canada.  The people in Canada are just way more rugged than anywhere else.  I don’t know why, but they just are.  It’s weird because I know those kids get tons of shows up there, so they’re not deprived, but the shows are always awesome up there.

TF:  I love how you guys expanded the sound on Constellations.  Could you talk about the writing process, and the growth the band went through?

BR:  We’ve always been a band that tries to push our limits, musically, and as far as skill level goes.  When we write stuff, we can’t play it yet.  It all gets tabbed out on a computer program, then we all have to learn how to play it.  That’s how we’ve always pushed ourselves.  I think as we’ve progress as musicians, out music progressed with us.  We’ve become a little more out there I guess, we just try to write cool stuff. 

TF:  So how’s the response been to the new songs compared to the older stuff?

BR:  So far, the kids seem to love it.  I mean they all love the older songs like “Composure” and “Back Burner”, but I think a lot of the newer material we play live really hold their own compared to the songs people have been hearing for years.  The response to the record is awesome.  It is our fastest selling record to date, and that’s incredible.

TF:  You guys are from Pennsylvania…are you Phillies fans?

BR:  I am, yeah.  I’m more of a football fan, so I’m more in to the Eagles than I am a Phillies fan.  JB [Brubaker, guitar] loves the Phillies more than life itself.  If the Phillies are on, I’ll definitely root for them, but I’m a big Eagles fan.

TF:  So being an Eagles fan, what do you think of the McNabb trade?

BR:  I feel like it was going to happen sooner or later, and I this point, I don’t like Kevin Kolb. [laughs] I think he’s terrible.  They say he’s ready, I say let’s see.  I feel like Michael Vick will get popped in there, but the McNabb trade had to happen.  He’s been throwing balls in the dirt for far too long.  This year, I don’t think we’ll be competitive without him, because we need to rebuild a new quarterback this year, so we’ll see how it goes.

TF:  And I mean, they traded him within the division.

 BR:  I mean they traded him to possibly the worst team in the division [Washington Redskins], but we’ll see what happens.

TF:  Do you have any up-and-coming bands you’re stoked about?

BR:  Architects.  Amazing, the best stuff ever.  They’re from the U.K. and they are so good.  The dudes are awesome, the band is awesome…we’ve toured with them a lot already, and we love those guys. 

TF: What about fellow Pennsylvania natives This or the Apocalypse?

BR:  Oh yeah.  They’re great friends.  There’s a band called Texas in July, and they’re all like in high school still, but they’re sick.  JB is in to a band called Defeater.  He loves them, and it’s way different than anything we listen to, but he got us in to them, and it’s great.

TF:  So what’s next after this tour?

BR:  After this tour, we have a couple weeks off, then we are doing a live CD/DVD shoot, at home in Lancaster, PA.  We’re doing a circuit of festivals this summer in the states like Cornerstone, then after that, I think we go to South America.  After that we are doing a co-headling tour, but I can’t tell you who we’re going with.

TF:  You’re touring, are you writing?

BR:  Yeah, we already have a couple of songs written.  We constantly try to write.  With all the time we have this summer, hopefully in the summer we crank some songs out then, and we’ll start recording late 2010, maybe early 2011, and we’ll try to release that by the spring. 

TF:  Well that’s all I have.  Go Phillies and go Eagles.


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