Deception Of A Ghost
Deception Of A Ghost
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Deception Of A Ghost
Interview by Alex Gilbert - April, 2010

North Carolina’s DECEPTION OF A GHOST have always been one of those bands on the fast track, booking headlining tours the DIY way, and creating monstrous and epic compositions that defy the norm.  Now these guys are really blowing up fast signing to Trustkill Records, and their debut Speak Up, You’re Not Alone is expected to surface sometime this summer!  Killer Tours got the chance to check in with vocalist / guitarist Buddy as he gives us some very well spoken answers to what DECEPTION OF A GHOST is all about.  Also, they’ve got a music video for “These Voices” in the works.  Read on, and make sure you check out DECEPTION OF A GHOST’s myspace and bump it loud! This is definitely one of the more promising bands on the horizon. 


Alex Gilbert (Killer Tours): First off, big congrats on your recent signing to Trustkill Records!  It’s great to see such a hard working DIY band make that next big step – you guys earned this!  I take it you guys are pretty stoked to join the Trustkill family?

Buddy (DECEPTION OF A GHOST): Thank you! Yea guys we really worked very hard for this, we had a hard time in our town getting the right members. So we decided to use talent within the band to do other things as in people in the band singing and taking differnt roles. Finnaly we landed the most unreal people to tie it all together. By then we were confident that we could do anything and do it ourselves. This band has unreal drive and it obviously pays off.

The next chapter of that was recording an effort and having someone like Trustkill come along. Trustkill being interested really woke everyone up that our work had paid off. Some of our favorite bands have been or are on this label, i cant explain how much it means to us to now be a part of it. We are ready to take this power and bring our music to the world!

I cannot stop playing “In Case You Forget”.  It’s so catchy, especially the chorus – I’m singing along with ya!  What are some of your favorite songs off of Speak Up, You’re Not Alone?

Well wow that's a compliment :) Thanks.

We started pre production on this album to write and record lyrics, when we took these songs into the studio with Jamie and we sat back and listened we were all very pleased with how it reflected our band. We are very excited with this album and how it turned out.

Everyone likes "These Voices" prob the best, but honestly i can't pick out favs, we like everything on there, we never wanted to write hits and so called "fillers" I mean you're in a national band that writes music for a job, fans deserve your best heart in these albums, we put everything we can into our songs. I think we pulled that off,  each song has an original feel, we're pretty happy with our efforts and hope the fans will dig as well!
I’m really loving the album title 'Speak Up, You’re Not Alone' and the direction of the album.  It really gives a sense of that our friends are here for each other, and the album title is perfect from a DIY standpoint, swapping shows, keeping in touch, and ultimately having each other’s backs.  Though everyone can have a different interpretation of music, how would you describe DECEPTION OF A GHOST’s message?

'Speak Up, You're Not Alone' is actually a lyric from a song on the album called John Draggin' Force. We decided on this because it does reflect a lot of what we are trying to say. This album approaches a lot dealing with, as plain as it sounds, being yourself. It seems we all have a voice that isn't heard at some point and we wanted to change that. Our overall message is, we have all had our fair share of rough times, regret, and let downs and we wrote this album to show that giving up just isn't possible in our book. Take what you have learned and use it for motivation. And in a music scene that constantly approaches negativity and disrespect we feel we have nothing more necessary to give than a positive message.

The guitars rule on Speak Up, You’re Not Alone!  Soooo heavy, and a great touch of memorable melody.  You guys all work very well together to create the sound that is DECEPTION OF A GHOST, and seems as if you’re having a fun time at the same time.  Can you walk us through the song creation process?

Again thanks, one of the best parts about this band is its filled with members that are the best of friends that date way back in years of knowing each other, not to mention 2 of us playing guitar being blood brothers. Writing is never predictable, some times it just flows out and sometimes we spend weeks ironing out parts. Bottom line is we have alot of fun writing our music and being best of friends in this band, the day writing or playing is not fun is the day we move on, and i don't see that ever happeneing, we love writing music together and its gotta be your passion and alot of fun, and that it is for DOAG.

Jamie King, a man who really needs no introduction did a great job on Speak Up, You’re Not Alone!  How was it working with Jamie?

You got it, Jamie is the man, and lucky for us Jamie is also a long time friend of this band. We live only 30 minutes away from the studio,  and we have known Jamie for years and he knows some of us on a "first name basis". Jamie is so awesome to work with in every aspect. He really lets the band have freedom in the studio, unlike many producers that may say hey let's change this part and let's rewrite this. He let's you do the job, if he feels he could add some cool stuff and give some suggestions he does it and it's always really helpful and badass, but he never tries to "change your sound" that's why we go back and will continue or recording efforts with him throughout our career. Not to mention how badass his recording tones shape up.

Maybe you can give us a hint if we’ll see a DECEPTION OF A GHOST music video?

For sure, we are in the process of gettting preperations nailed down to shoot "These Voices". We plan on getting this out for the summer around album time!

Any tour plans you can let us in on?

We have 2 back to back full US tours coming up starting in May and taking us thru Late August, we are really really pumped to be out sharing our music with people all around the country. It's our favorite part of this business, if you could tell us "hey you guys can never go home this year" we would be soooo stoked. Bands that wanna stay home and not tour should try a more laid back job :)

So when we visit Hickory, NC, where are some places you recommend to grab a bite to eat, catch a show, party it up?

Well we have pretty much all your normal "eat outs" and bars. If you wanna party just come on by the DOAG house, we will not dissapoint :)

I’ve got to ask: Duke or North Carolina?

TarHEELS! , we have members in this band that may kill you if you mention Duke, crazy but true, yeah NC baby! If you look at our myspace Bryan is reppin a hat ha ha.

Here’s a fun and tricky question.  If you were to organize a killer tour, who would be on it?

Iron Maiden and George Strait :) I know that makes no sense, but just imagine! We would not live through this.

What are some of your guilty pleasures that one might not expect to see on your ipod?

Nsync, Backstreet boys, Garth Brooks, these make for killer sing alongs in the van driving down the interstate.

Looks like you’ve got a lot of great stuff on the horizon.  How does the future look for DECEPTION OF A GHOST?

Guys, we’re gonna take this as far as possible, we do not quit, we will not quit. The future is ours, and we got this! Look for us to be around for a long time.

Thank you so much for the questions! Means a lot to us.


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