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Interview by Alex Gilbert - March, 2010

With SAOSIN’s recent masterpiece In Search Of Solid Ground (which was one of our favorite releases of 2009), KILLER TOURS had to catch up with the band.  It’s been 3 years since their self-titled debut made an explosive entrance into the scene, and it’s amazing how mature these guys have gotten.  This is one of those CDs that just makes you feel really good, while at the same time, makes you rock out really hard – listen for yourself, it's soooo catchy!!  Come join the fun as we talk to SAOSIN drummer Alex Rodriguez as he dives into their recently finished PacTour (sponsored by PacSun), a look into In Search Of Solid Ground, and more.


Alex Gilbert (KILLER TOURS): You recently finished PacSun’s 2nd annual PacTour!!  Also along for the ride is P.O.S., Innerpartysystem, and Eye Alaska.  That’s a pretty killer tour right there.  Do you have any fun stories from the road to share?


Alex Rodriguez (SAOSIN – drums): While in Des Moines, Iowa the venue we played turned into an open mic comedy showcase for whoever wished to share there humorous stories after the show. Our merch guy Carl signed up and talked about him accidentally eating hash brownies and tripping.

AG: Out of curiosity with a big brand name as PacSun, how did this tour come about?  It's a pretty cool thing they did I must say.


AR: They approached us and it seemed like a good idea at the time. We were friends with P.O.S. and the Innerpartysystem guys so it made sense to do the tour. Eye Alaska are a great band and amazing guys as well... as we later learned from doing the tour

AG: How have the audiences been reacting to the new material so far?


AR: It's been going over well, we try to bring a well mixed selection of all our material into the live show so it's an equal blend of our first EP to our latest full-length.

AG: “Changing” is such a catchy and moving song, with also a lot of meaning.  I love it!  What are some of your favorite songs off of In Search Of Solid Ground?


AR: I really enjoy the last track "Fireflies" because it's not a typical Saosin formula kind of song. In that the arrangement and song structure isn't as similar to the approach of other songs that we write. I really enjoy the melodies and bridge portion to that song as well

AG: Still on the “Changes” subject, your music video for the song is pretty cool.  It really shows the energy of your music in a performance setting.  Do you guys have any plans for another music video off of In Search Of Solid Ground?


AR: I’m not sure at this point. Depends what the label wants to do, we're still touring and supporting the single so if we're in a situation to try and push another song we're all for it.

AG: The album artwork on In Search Of Solid Ground is extremely eye-catching!  Care to give some self promotion for the artwork?


AR: Sean Moser-Smith and Chris our bass player collaborated on it. There were several ideas that initially came up and after some fine tuning and troubleshooting everyone agreed on the one that was presented. We're extremely happy with how it came out.

AG: Here’s a fun and tricky question.  If you were to organize a killer tour, who would be on it?  Feel free to name a full scale arena festival if you wish.


AR: I’m sure everyone in the band would have a different line up but mine would probably be us, AFI, Russian Circles, Torche, and Soilent Green.

AG: While on the tour subject, do you have any future tour plans you can let us in on?


AR: We're currently doing a B-Market tour with Maylene & the Sons of Disaster till late March followed bye a European tour and hopefully South Africa after that.

AG: Here’s another fun question.  What guilty pleasures would one not expect to see on your ipod?


AR: Fall Out Boy... I think that band sucks but they have one song I like, and the first Korn record.


AG: How does the future look for Saosin?


AR: Hopefully productive.


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In Search of Solid Ground
Sep 8, 2009 Virgin Records Us
Saosin is a intended to be one of those post-hardcore bands but easily falls into the alternative rock n' roll category a lot easier. That being said, the band formed in 2003 and is from Newpor Beach, California, the band itself consists of vocalist Cove Reber, guitarists Beau Burchell and Justin Shekoski, bassist Chris Sorenson, and drummer Alex Rodriguez. Their self-titled efforts exploded when it was unleashed in 2006 but three years later what has become of the almighty Saosin? Were they able to bring up their music ability up a notch to satsify their every need? The band thinks so at least that's what can be heard and said when it comes to their second attempt at music... (read more)