Asking Alexandria
Asking Alexandria
KillerTours Interview
Dec, 2009 / 17,442 Views
Asking Alexandria
Interview by Alex Gilbert - December, 2009

Recently, KillerTours got the chance to catch up with Ben Bruce, guitarist/backing vocalist of UK upstarts ASKING ALEXANDRIA.  The band has been on the fast track lately, releasing one of the hottest releases of the year with Stand Up And Scream, which mixes a ton of metalcore and club/dance synth all in one awesome stylistic punch, and the band is currently out on the road with Alesana, From First To Last, The Word Alive, and Memphis May Fire.  Come join the fun as Ben tells us some stories from the road, their upcoming music video for “Final Episode (Let’s Change the Channel)” to surface very soon, Ben’s Killer Tour that he’s created for us, and more!



First off, you guys are on the road right now with Alesana, From First To Last, The Word Alive, and Memphis May Fire.  Sounds like a great time.  How have the crowd’s responses been so far, and do you have any good stories to tell?


This tour so far has been incredible. The crowds have been great, the responses we have been getting have been mind blowing and we couldn't be happier. The bands on this tour have been great to us, we have been having a blast with all of them, Alesana are great friends of ours so it's nice to be out on the road with them again and From First to last are probably the funniest group of guys we have ever toured with, so much fun.


And not to forget, ASKING ALEXANDRIA has a European tour with Dance Gavin Dance, and In Fear And Faith.  What are your excitement levels for that one?


We are really excited about that tour, it's the first time as a band we will be playing on our home turf which is a really big deal for us, we are so excited for this tour and just hope we are received as well back home as we are over here.


You guys have such a fresh, exciting, and stylistic approach that is both beautiful and brutal.  ASKING ALEXANDRIA has the perfect balance between post hardcore and techno like synth.  This stuff pumps me up, man!  Can you give me a walkthrough on the creative process?  


We all love a very wide variety of music and I think that's where a lot of our style comes from. The club/dance scene back in the UK is really relevant and a very big part of the british music scene and we are all really into European trance/dance music which is why we decided to add a bit of that style into our music which strays away from the American poppier dance you hear a lot over here. As far as writing the songs though, we all sit down together and collaborate everyone's ideas and thoughts together when trying to write a song/album. It's definitely a team effort, we don't really have writing sessions alone where one member does most of the writing.


“A Candlelit Dinner With Inamorta” is such a killer song!!  Cheers, man.  I love the brutal stomp in the verses, as well as the heartwarming clean vocals.  This is my favorite song on Stand Up And Scream.  What are some of your favorite songs on the album?


Thanks so much mate! We love that song as well, it's a really great song to play live. Our favourite songs have to be A Prophecy, Mr. Brooks and Circus because they really stand out to us on the album you know.


Another great song I love on Stand Up And Scream is “When Everyday’s The Weekend”.  It’s got such a great vibe, and the message is about living it up, partying, and having a good time.  I mean, isn’t that something we all look to do in life?  Back to the song, what gives you guys some of your lyrical influence?


That's exactly what we wanted to put across when writing this song. We love partying and just having a great time with our friends/families you know. It's important to live it up and live life to its fullest, enjoy your self whilst you have the time to you know? That's basically why we wrote this song!


The music video for “Hey There Mr. Brooks” is pretty badass, and really shows the energy within ASKING ALEXANDRIA’s music.  Do you guys have plans for another music video off of Stand Up And Scream?


It's funny actually, that's not even an official music video, some kid made that for us and we just thought it was very well put together and well done so we put it on our myspace page as a kind of thank you! But we have actually just recorded our first official music video for the song 'Final Episode (Let's Change the Channel)' which has come out really well and will be released VERY shortly!


Do you guys have any new material/ideas in the works?


We have actually just started writing our second album which we are really excited about. We are putting a huge amount of effort and energy into this next album making sure it's perfect! It's gunna be really heavy, with catchy choruses, soft parts, techno/trance etc...everything that 'Stand up and Scream' had, but better! We are booked into the studio for September 15th for just over a month with Producer Joey Sturgis and we cannot wait to get back to the studio with him to work on this album! It's gunna be awesome!


So when we come to the UK, where are some good places you recommend we can catch a concert, bite to eat, party it up, etc.?


Well you gotta go to the pub, any pub! It's just a great time, great food and a great atmosphere, it's where most british people spend there free time haha! As far as shows....the London Underworld is always a great time, any of the Academy's also!


Here’s a fun and tricky question.  If you were to create a killer tour, who would be on it?  Feel free to name a full scale festival if you wish.


Ha ha, funny you should ask because we already came up with one not long ago we would love to do! We called it 'The Tour to End All Tours Tour' featuring Bring Me The Horizon, The Devil Wears Prada, A Day to Remember, Parkway Drive and Us lol! We think tour would just dominate the world!


So I see that there is a Moulin Rouge fan in the band?  Great stuff!


Ha ha, hmmm I guess that would be me!!! I'm not a HUGE fan or anything...or am I??? lol...I Dunno, really what it is, is that I love music, and I thought the soundtrack was awesome!


Lastly, you’ve got a great home with Sumerian Records, and your debut really makes its mark about who ASKING ALEXANDRIA is.  People are really digging Stand Up And Scream, and I feel like you guys have the potential to grow very rapidly.  How does the future look for ASKING ALEXANDRIA?


We are just so happy to be a part of Sumerian, they have been so good to us and we really appreciate everything they are doing for us. I can't predict the future, we just hope it's a bright one. We are taking each day as it comes and having the time of our lives whilst doing so, what more could we ask for?


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