Dead Icons
Dead Icons
KillerTours Interview
Apr, 2012 / 844 Views
Dead Icons
Interview by Alex Gilbert - April, 2012

DEAD ICONS are a hardcore act hailing from Lexington, KY, and their latest Bullet Tooth release, Condemned, has surely been turning heads lately.  They recently got off tour with Shai Hulud and Counterparts, and have some more shows in the works, which if you haven’t seen these guys live yet, do so.  I spoke with their bassist Stan Sievers – here’s what he had to say…

Alex Gilbert (Killer Tours): Condemned is a damn heavy album, and one of my favorite hardcore releases of the year so far.  I can definitely hear the authenticity in this release, you guys must be proud of the end result?

Stan Sievers (DEAD ICONS – Bass): Thanks man!  We aim to please, we wanted it to be heavy as hell.  We are definitely proud of how it turned out.

DEAD ICONS just got off the road recently on the Shai Hulud, Counterparts tour.  You guys must’ve had a blast out there.  Any fun stories?  Favorite cities?

Yeah we had a great time.  Definitely the best/most successful tour we have ever done.  There are some funny stories but I can't quite recall them in detail.  I saw Matt Fox's balls and dick more than I should have, and plenty of wiffle ball was played, that's about the jist of the whole thing.  

What upcoming tour plans do you guys have in the works?

We are playing Bledfest in May, and we're doing a two week tour around that by ourselves.  We also just confirmed a Euro tour a few months down the line so that's exciting.     

I’ve got to ask the generic question, but why the name DEAD ICONS?

Actually DEAD ICONS was a band name that had been floating around between our singer and his friend for years before we used it.  We liked it because it's only two words.  We didn't want one of those one word names, or any of those "number 12 looks like you" names either.  Two words just seemed perfect.  I've got no clue how the name came about, maybe it was so that whenever we break up sometime everyone will go "OH, we get it!  Dead Icons!"

“Everything Has A Price” is my new jam.  It’s heavy, a blast to sing-a-long to, and for my dose of mosh metal?  Yep, surely there, too.  Reminds me of some good ol’ Throwdown.  What are some of your favorite songs off of Condemned?  

I appreciate that man!  I also appreciate the Throwdown reference, that band put out some of my favorite hardcore CD's ever.  Some of my personal favorite songs are Everything Has A Price, True Potential, Folding Aces, and Survival.  

Your music video for “Folding Aces” rocks man, and really makes me want to head out and see a DEAD ICONS show pronto.  Sure seems like you’ve got a lot of energy.  Any more music videos you guys have in the works?  

None right now, we were working on another live-type video for Life of Uncertainty, but alot of the footage was too dark to use.  We're still working with our friend to tinker with it.  Hopefully we can get everything squared away and release it.  

Tell us about some fun stuff to do in Lexington when we come visit?  

There's alot of history here as far as beautiful horse farms and the downtown area.  There's also alot of great places to get food and some pretty cool bars.  It's a HUGE college town so there's that also.

What are your 5 favorite hardcore albums?  Also, what are 5 other favorite albums of yours that we might not suspect are on your radar, guilty pleasures so to say?

Terror- Lowest Of The Low
Sworn Enemy- As Real As It Gets
Hatebreed- The Rise Of Brutality
Count Me Out- 110
Sick Of It All- Built To Last

Here's a few albums I listen to constantly:

Massive Attack- Mezzanine
Creedence Clearwater Revival- Green River

Here's a few that I have been jamming lately:

Belphegor- Black Magick Necromance
Talib Kweli- Gutter Rainbows
M83- Hurry Up, We're Dreaming

Here’s a fun and tricky question.  If you could create a dream tour, who’d be on it?

Hardcore bands?

Sworn Enemy
First Blood
Since The Flood
Dead Icons ;)

For other bands probably:

Black Sabbath
Massive Attack
Justice (The electronic band, not the hardcore band)

Thanks for your time.  You’ve got a great home with Bullet Tooth, a great album out in Condemned, and the sky is the limit.  How’s the future looking for DEAD ICONS?

The future is looking good man!  Just looking forward to getting back on tour and seeing where the next day takes me. 


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