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Every Time I Die
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Every Time I Die
Interview by Tanner Fisher - December, 2011

The guys in Every Time I Die are known for being party animals, and it doesn’t appear that they’re going to slow down any time soon.  I caught up with the band while on the road with GWAR and Ghoul, and Keith Buckley (vocals), Jordan Buckley (guitar), and Andy Williams (guitar) answered all of my silly questions.  Check out their even sillier answers below:

Tanner Fisher:  I’ll start this off by asking you guys how the tour has been so far.

KB:  It’s been fucking awesome.  I love it.  The crowds have been great, and the dudes are maniacs.

AW:  GWAR is a band that we all looked up to when we were kids.  In the Beavis and Butthead videogame, the goal was to get to the GWAR show, so it’s awesome.

TF:  Are the guys in the band regular dudes, or are they pretty out there?

AW:  The weirdest thing is that they’re really regular.  If one of them came into this room right now, you wouldn’t know.  You would think that they were a promoter guy or something. 

TF:  I’ve been told that you should wear your crappiest clothes when going to a GWAR show because they spray shit all over you…is this a true statement?

KB:  This actually happened last night [shows his sleeve stained blue].  I was walking to the bar to meet a friend of mine…I was way off to the side and I still got blasted, so yeah wear shitty clothes when you go to see GWAR.

TF:  I saw online that you are playing a new song called “Underwater Bimbos from Outer Space”…how has the reaction been for the song?

AW:  Well no one knows it yet, but the reaction has been good.

KB:  I saw the security guy behind the barrier moshing to it last night, and that’s always a good sign. 

AW: Actually the other day, this normal looking college girl came up to me and goes “that fucking breakdown in the new song, fuck!” [laughs]

TF:  You’ve finished writing the new record, right? What came expect this time around?

KB:  I promise it’s a record-full of new material.  It’ll be out probably by the end of next year.

TF:  Is there anything else you can tell me about the new record?

AW:  I don’t know.  I mean it’s fucking aggressive.  It’s pissed off…it’s like shaking up a badger in a bag and letting him loose. 

TF:  The new song sounds more like your older material.  Would you say that as a whole, you are going back to your older sound?

AW:  No, I guess it’s sort of a mold of everything, you know.  The rock shit is infused with the heavier parts…there’s one song that has the rock shit and the old stuff in one, it’s crazy.  There are actually a couple of songs like that. 

JB:  This isn’t really interview worthy but we always get questions about the new record whenever we’re working on one, but there’s never actually a plan.  We don’t actually meet for dinner and map it out.  For a couple of records, we just went out in the woods and just hoped we would see a vision of the new record, but for this record…[laughs] sorry, but this just reminds of Ratboy.  When we were in the middle of the writing process, he would type out emails saying shit like “okay guys, so far, we have a lot of notey songs, but I think we need more rock songs”.  I would read these, and I would just delete the emails. [laughs].  I would never even finish reading them. I was like “you’re a fucking tool”.

TF:  Can I keep that?

JB:  I don’t care.

AW:  Yeah put it in your pocket.

TF:  Well thank you.  This is the first record that Legs [Ryan Leger] recorded drums on.  What did he bring to the recording process that might have been lacking before?

KB:  He brought a lot of cigarettes. 

AW:  Well he brought aggressiveness and urgency… he just kind of made it sweet again.  That’s all it is; we went from a drummer who didn’t want to work to a drummer who did want to work.  One’s a big fat asshole, and the other one’s a skinny little prick [everyone laughs]. 

TF:  I can use all of that?

AW:  I don’t give a fuck.  One’s a fat asshole and the other one is a skinny little prick.  He’s a pencil dick.  The other one was just short, fat, and sweaty [laughing continues].  You can wrap that up and put it in your pocket.

TF:  So on a serious note, I know that Josh [Newton] recently quit the band and that it was because of just some hard touring or whatever… could you go talk about some of the stuff that happened?

KB:  I mean nothing happened, it’s just been a lot.  He’s an older gentleman with a wife.

AW:  Here’s the deal.  This is what it comes down to… that dude has been touring since he was fifteen years old.  He’s now 38.  He was offered a really awesome job, and he said “You know what? I can do music any time.  I need to get a job”.  He got a really good fucking job.  There is no ill-will or anything like that.  It was just a matter of him saying “hey, I got this thing and I’m going to do it”.  Being a friend, you can’t go “No man, I think you should keep doing this”.  Pretty much, he turned 38, so he died.

TF:  This is kind of random, but looking at you, I have to ask: is the beard coming back?

AW:  Well here’s the deal.  I got into a conversation about racist facial hair, and I was on the side saying that facial hair can’t be racist.  I was in the process of giving myself a Hitler mustache, and right before I was going to do it, I decided that I probably shouldn’t.

KB:  Well now you can just call it a Michael Jordan mustache.

AW:  Yeah, we were in Australia, and were all in this pool.  We were talking about Michael Jordan this and Michael Jordan that, and I was saying that facial hair couldn’t be racist.  I had my big beard at the time, but I was going to shave it into a Hitler mustache to prove to them that facial hair couldn’t be racist, but I was like “I can’t fucking do this”…so they basically proved me wrong.  Facial hair can be racist. 

TF:  So the beard IS coming back?

[Explosion of laughter]

AW:  That’s all that people care about anyways… are you going to go home and jerk off to pictures of me with a big beard?  But yeah, it’s coming back next summer.  Your fucking prick will get hard.

TF:  On that note… I along with everyone else loves your DVDs, for shit like this right here.  Have you guys filmed any new stuff?

AW:  We just filmed a movie in Australia…well I don’t want to call it a full-featured film…

KB:  It’s a short film.  It’s probably going to be on the internet soon, so look out for that.  We’re trying to get Doug [Spangenberg, filmmaker] to go to South America with us, but we just found out that his passport expired, so we’ll see about that.  On the other hand, we are always filming shit.

JB:  I got great footage last night of this 50-year old lady who came into our van because she thought it was Ghoul’s van.  She wouldn’t leave, so I was like “If you’re not going to leave, then I’m just going to videotape you”.   She was wasted, and she wouldn’t stop talking about how good we are, because she felt bad that she mistook our van for Ghoul’s.  She thought that I was insulted that she wasn’t trying to get into Every Time I Die’s van, and I was like “I really don’t care that you like Ghoul more than us”.  So whatever we do next, that will probably be on it.  Maybe.

TF: So what’s next after this?

KB:  We’re going straight to the U.K. for a two week headliner with Trash Talk, Defeater, and Spy Catcher.  We’re going to be home for the holidays after that… going to see Harold and Kumar in 3D, then we’re going to take a little break until we go to South America.

TF:  Well that’s it.  Thanks a lot guys.


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