We've been busy adding tons of new features to KillerTours.com. Listed above are some of the more important features we've added. Please take a moment to read about them, we're sure once you know see what we've done, you won't go anywhere else for tour dates!

Tabs Tutorial


We've built in location based searching into KillerTours.com. Take a second and look to the right of the KillerTours.com logo above, you should see your location. If it's not correct, don't worry, you can update it easily! Just click "Update My Location" and let us know where you are.

You'll also notice a little square slider under your location. This is the location slider. Click and drag it horizontally to set the location sensitivity of your searches. You can set it to include upcoming shows within 5 miles of your location, to shows within 100 miles.

If you want to see all results, regardless of your location, drag the location slider all the way to the right. This will turn off location based searching.

Location Tutorial


If you look above to the right, you'll notice our new and improved search. Just click where it says "Search bands, venues, etc..." and start typing any band name, venue name, music genre, tour name, record label, state or country. We'll automatically list anything in our system with upcoming shows that matches your search, as you type.

Remember, unless you turn it off, all searches are based on your location. If you don't see any results for your search, update your location and/or expand your search area by clicking and dragging the location slider to the right. When you search for a venue name, state, or country, we ignore your location and display all shows for that venue, state or country.

Search Tutorial


We made it easy to track all your favorite bands, venues, genres or labels. When you're on a show page, just hover your mouse over any band or venue, and you'll have the option to add your favorites. We don't require you to have an account or login for favorites.

Once you have added some favorites, you'll notice a tab called "FAVORITE SHOWS" wherever you see show listings on our site. The favorite shows tab contains all the shows that match any of your favorites. You can manage your favorites by visiting the FAVORITES page on our site.

Favorites Tutorial


When you are on our home page, and you have not disabled location based searching, we will show you all upcoming shows in your area. You can easily customize our home page by updating your location and/or setting the location slider to include shows from 5 to 100 miles of your location.

If you have any favorites, you'll also notice the "FAVORITE SHOWS" tab on the home page, with all the upcoming shows within your area that match one or more of your favorites.

If you have turned off location based searching, we will display today's shows.