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at Sonar in Baltimore, Maryland
1,104 Miles Away / 713 Views / Posted by kikikeepsfaith on 05/11/12

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Local bands will be playing as well.

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Apr 14, 2009 Sumerian Records/Victory Distribution
I SEE STARS have hands down created the best emo record of the year.  Though I wouldn't call it just emo, because there is a ton of great electronica and post hardcore involved, too.  Seriously, kind of like when Panic At The Disco brought something new and exciting into the scene with their broadway/theatric type of approach, I SEE STARS is the next rock icon to redefine the genre.  I SEE STARS give this futuristic sound with the aforementioned electronica and post hardcore, but it's how they stylistically combine it all into one that makes them the breakthrough that they are.  And seeing how the “scene” these days bites on a “lifestyle&r... (read more)
Hope Division
Jun 1, 2010 Sumerian Records
This is exactly the kick start that hardcore needed. The opening song, ‘Where The Sun Sleeps' just brings all the intensity of an intro song into the limelight to set the pace for the whole album. It's nice to see hardcore diverging into different paths again. Stick To Your Guns is a notorious band and it's a refreshing change to see them broaden their horizons. They have matured and really changed their approach on music since their hit ‘This Is More'.   I'm so happy that Stick To Your Guns has returned to real hardcore. They don't bother with too many chugs or breakdowns but play it straight from the heart, a property that most hardcore bands have lost. Mode... (read more)
The Great Stone War
Aug 11, 2009 Century Media
The newest offering from the Winds Of Plague entitled "The Great Stone War," up brings an arrangement of surprises one being a well-balanced blend of previous works with novel noted details that make this album take a giant leap right into the guide lines of the follow-up later on down the line. "The Great Stone War," is your average concept based album telling a narrative storyline of various characters going through their situations leading up to apocalyptic battles when the Earth is in danger. But with keeping to the concept matter here, this album sticks to the traditional formula having a spoken intro and outro that brings the album that much closer or shorter. No dou... (read more)
Darkness in the Light
Jul 5, 2011 Metal Blade
What can I say about the new UNEARTH?  Well... it sounds like any other UNEARTH album for the most part, but that's not a bad thing at all.  UNEARTH has pretty much stuck by their guns, but if you listen closely, there is some very slight variation from album to album.  The slight variation this time is UNEARTH guitarists Buz McGrath and Ken Susi have added some progressive metal elements this time around with their latest, Darkness In The Light, and with this new strength in the fold, I'd like to say that this is their strongest album since The Oncoming Storm.  I like how they still use a ton of traditional metal riffing, worshiping the Iron Maiden... (read more)
Downtown Battle Mountain II
Mar 8, 2011 Rise
Anyone familiar with Dance Gavin Dance knows of the drama surrounding the band, especially all of the news about frontman, Jonny Craig.  He was kicked out of the band after their first album, Downtown Battle Mountain, and he joined Emarosa, where he appeared to clean up his act.  While Craig found success with a different band, DGD marched on, putting together makeshift lineups after makeship lineups, and creating two more albums that were good, but neither the press nor the fans enjoyed them as much of the band's debut effort. In 2010, the band did the unexpected and announced that the original lineup was going to get back together (besides Sean O'Sullivan, w... (read more)
For The Fallen Dreams
April, 2010
For the Fallen Dreams are a force to be reckoned with in the hardcore community.  They mix in subtle melody to their brutality, helping them stick out from the herd.  I had the chance to talk with guitarist Jim Hocking, and boy was he honest. Tanner Fisher:  Jim, how's the tour been so far? JH:  It's been sick so far.  We're in our second... (read more)
Stray From The Path
February, 2010
Stray From the Path is a fresh-faced act that fuses hardcore and metal in their own unique way.  I caught them on the Never Say Die! Tour with The World We Knew, For Today, Despised Icon, and Winds of Plague, and boy do they own that stage.  I sat down with the band and I realized that they're just as crazy off-stage as they are on-stage. Tanner Fisher: Guys, I've... (read more)
Stray From The Path
August, 2011
 Last winter, I sat down with Long-Island natives Stray From the Path and just recently, I had a chance to catch up with the guys while on tour promoting their new album Rising Sun on August 30th through Sumerian Records.  This lengthy interview was a lot of fun.  Check it out. Tanner Fisher: It's been a little while since I saw you guys…how hav... (read more)