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Trespass America Festival
at Stage AE in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
5,573 Miles Away / 334 Views / Posted by on 04/24/12

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  • Maggie Fox


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Aug 18, 2009 Victory Records
Chugga Chugga choo choo, hop on the EMMURE train, bro!  Well, the band's latest Victory Records release, Felony, is out and about, but nothing is special about it.  Felony is filled with generic and overused riffs, way too many chugs, and lyrics any dumb tough guy could write.  But if EMMURE is doing one thing right, they've got one hell of a fan base.  The kids (hipsters) love EMMURE, and with the smart marketing and imagery of Felony, the release has gone onto selling almost 12,000 copies in the first 2 weeks, and still rising rapidly.  Those are great numbers for a metal release, by the way.  See, we all know by now that music doesn't sell an... (read more)
December, 2009
Cory Beaulieu (Guitar) of Trivium gets interviewed. Get the digs on what went down.   Introduce yourself and what you do in Trivium? Name's Cory I play guitar and back-up vocals. How is the current tour going, getting along with everybody? It's great today, the two tours joined together. Other than that we've just been headlining. We have toured... (read more)
November, 2009
Interview with vocalist Frankie Palmeri. Now that the summer has drawn itself to a close and its winter time, how was it to be a part of the Thrash and Burn tour? It felt like one of the strongest tours weve ever been on. What is your main goal you wish to accomplish with Emmure? Hurt people. Let's talk about 'Felony' What are your thoughts on the album? ... (read more)