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Summer Slaughter 2012
at House Of Blues Houston in Houston, Texas
577 Miles Away / 1465 Views / Posted by KillerTours.com on 04/23/12

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Feb 28, 2012 Sumerian Records
VEIL OF MAYA fans are going to love their latest release, Eclipse.  VEIL OF MAYA still sounds like VEIL OF MAYA.  They've kept their core sound, and their musicianship and creativity has only gotten better from album to album, which is what a band is supposed to do, progress, right?  I grew up in Grand Rapids, MI in which I remember VEIL OF MAYA coming around, so I have had the pleasure to see these guys before the Sumerian Records days, and seeing a band back then with the technical chops and unique songwriting ability that they had and still have today, it was a no brainer that these guys were going somewhere. The brutal album opener of “20/200” rem... (read more)
Cannibal Corpse
December, 2009
Drummer machine Paul Mazurkiewicz of death metallers Cannibal Corpse caught up with me while out at the band's Hollywood stop on the current tour. They discussed the upcoming holiday season along with the good and the bad effects of the interviewing process and what the fans can expect from an overall Cannibal Corpse slaughter fest if not having already experienced one. &nbs... (read more)
Between The Buried And Me
November, 2009
Interview with vocalist Tommy Rogers. Which do you think got the better phase, the Colors CD or the DVD? I think the cd did. I feel it was a big step for us and it really let everyone know that we are ready to take our music to the next level. Going into The Great Misdirect, did the band want to branch off of Colors or go in a whole different direction? Our main goal w... (read more)
The Faceless
August, 2012
After four years, some fans might not believe that this day has finally come, but it has.  The Faceless are back with their new album Autotheism, and while it shows the band further branching out from their technical death metal roots, they are still stronger than ever.  The band is currently on The Summer Slaughter Tour, and I had the opportunity to sit down with the band's mas... (read more)
March, 2011
 Periphery is one of the main forces in this new ‘djent' movement, largely thanks to the trio of stringsmen who write technical, yet groovy riffs, and create haunting, yet electronic soundscapes.  The band is currently on the road with Scale the Summit and Fair to Midland, and I caught up with main songwriter Misha Mansoor, and vocalist Spencer Sotelo.  Ch... (read more)
Veil Of Maya
March, 2010
To help boost the already extremely high anticipation of their new album, Veil of Maya went on a headlining tour with Animals as Leaders, Circle of Contempt, and Periphery.  I sat down with half of the four-piece, and here is what they had to say: Tanner Fisher: Alright, I'm here with some of the dudes from Veil of Maya. Could you say your name and what you p... (read more)
Job For A Cowboy
May, 2010
Job For a Cowboy have quickly found themselves at the top of the death metal food chain, and their newest album Ruination is a good reason why.  I had a chance to sit down with drummer, Jon Rice, and he was extremely candid.   Tanner Fisher: I'm here with Jon Rice from Job For a Cowboy.  How the tour been going so far?   JR:  It'... (read more)